Communic Asia2013; A Regional Best Venue for S. Korean ICT Providers


Communic Asia2013, the largest-scale integrated ICT exhibition in the Southeast Asian region, draws big expectations with upgraded features especially formed with various sizes of South Korea’s global technological leaders.

At the fair, the nation’s advanced exhibitors will feature a comprehensive range of key and emerging technologies from augmented reality, FTTx, mobile broadband, mobile applications and innovations, nextgen connected services, NFC and m- Commerce, OTT, smartphones & devices, telecom power solutions and many others.

Communic Asia2013 incorporating SatComm2013 will be expected to be a timely place for South Korean ICT specialists to reconfirm their leadership in the neighboring region where fierce competition among region-based but global powers in leadership in the section exists including Korean some global ICT giants Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, etc.

Some Korean ICT professionals are ready for this Asian mega event anticipating they will act as facilitators in awakening current flagship issues in the fields including arousing themes in Korean markets. Also they will be energetic in obtaining industry updates, witnessing product/service launches, optimizing business opportunities and gaining insightful knowledge among specialty experts of direct and indirect realms.


The nation’s exhibitors, especially small-sized but technologically strong providers anticipate making an increased number of export contracts based on those of last year. At the last year’s edition, buyers from all over the world have expressed their keen interest in the high technology and product competitiveness of Korean-made products.

Among small-sized but highly anticipated Korean solution providers, Hankyung I-NET will make new inroads with its flagship item of smart cooling rack as an extremely competitive green IT solution. Dasan Networks has arranged several greatly observable networks FTTx solutions including mobile backhaul pre-service aggregation router.

The nation’s ICT giants’ strides aiming for keeping technological leadership in global markets are steady. As early as the fourth quarter of this year, global consumers may see a new smartphone whose display is unbreakable when it falls onto the floor. It marks the beginning of an age of flexible display.

According to industry sources, Samsung Display and Samsung Corning Precision Materials successfully developed an unbreakable display early this year and enter into commercial production in the second half of this year. This new display is likely to be used for Samsung’s new strategic smartphone Galaxy Note 3 to be released late this year.

Samsung Display developed plastic AMOLED and Samsung Corning released a film-coated display with increased durability, in order to resolve the current smartphone displays’ matter of easily exposed to be broken.


By Kim Min-su :

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