Korean ICT companies to add differentiated value to CommunicAsia2016


Korean ICT enterprises are gearing up to present their latest innovative technologies regarding big data, business analytics, cloud technologies, IoT, Zigbee, etc. at the forthcoming the CommunicAsia2016, which will run from June 2 to June 5.


Korean ICT companies are seeking new business opportunities in Southeast Asian markets, with plans for participation in the forthcoming CommunicAsia2016. Supported by KOTRA and independently, those companies will present market-leading, technology-equipped ICT products, expecting an increase in brand awareness of them to be created in the region.

Following the moves at the prior editions, most of the Korean companies associated with local government will conduct a series of necessary activities including product display, buyer meeting, introduction of product, and marketing.

At CommunicAsia2016, Korean exhibitors plan to satisfy expectations from global participants in the areas of 3D printing, IoT, M2M, mobile apps, OTT and more, hoping to expand opportunities for export contracts on site.

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More than 30,000 products in just one place!

1The Largest Medical and Hospital Equipment Exhibition in Korea!!
KIMES is not only a platform where global leading companies and 1,200 other companies display the very latest medical equipment and technology, but it also offers visitors an opportunity to identify and confirm the great potential and future prospects of the medical industry.

The Exhibition in which Various Medical Experts Participate KIMES offers a great opportunity for you to meet numerous buyers from Korea and overseas who have a strong purchasing power all in one place, including officials in medical institutions, academic industry, research institutions as well as hospitals such as oriental doctors, veterinarians, dentists, nurses, radiologists, physical therapists, medical laboratory technologists, pharmacists and emergency medical technicians. The 32nd Korea International Medical & Hospital Show will take place at COEX in Seoul on March 17-20, 2016. Asia’s premier medical event has been growing as the hub of attraction for all those involved in the medical and health care industries. With growingg demands from Korean consumers, the development of the medical industry in Korea is remarkably fast-growing. In the circumstances, KIMES’s filling of the role of the platform where manufacturers and consumers can find their satisfactions.

2What is KIMES 2016?
KIMES 2016 will attract about 70,000 visitors from home and abroad, with 1,200 domestic and overseas companies participating, with an exhibition space of 38,500m2. KIMES attracts the key buyers for your company through various media network such as TV, radio, newspaper and business magazines. It is expected that it will become the best
partner for your business by assisting participating companies to find new buyers and maximize the marketing effect.

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Korea’s consumer electronics makers targeting CES 2016 to take off toward the next stage

1Korean consumer electronics makers’ global marketleading technologies will be displayed and are likely to capture keen att ention among industrial circles at the upcoming CES 2016, which will feature 20 category-specific market areas highlighting innovation across diverse product areas. From January 6 to 9, Korean providers will seek more business opportunities assisted by a growing atmosphere of anticipation of the potential growth of the New Year’s global market.https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry
For the largest-ever scale fair at which more than 3,500 units of consumer home appliances and technologies will be presented. Korea’s small-and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs) will make use of this year’s active drives in the global markets in an eff ort to seize the most opportunities they could take.
Representatively including 40 companies led by KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency), Korean companies engaged in the industry of consumer electronics
and related companies will take part in the upgraded version of CES 2016, which is expected to feature more than two million net square feet of exhibit space and with more
than 3,600 exhibiting companies unveiling the latest products and services across the entire ecosystem of consumer technologies.

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South Korea’s medical companies to ignite a new race for new concepts of medical solutions

More than 200 South Korean medical companies are focusing their att ention on the upcoming MEDICA 2015, the world’s largest medical fair, with an even more diversified
range of exhibits contents. As the nation’s medical device industry maintains its steady development, the number of exhibitors of the various nations also increases, with specifi c data of yearly growing numbers.

For this year, those companies decided to record the performance at this fair, at least the same as the results of the MEDICA 2014. At a time when the MEDICA 2014 was finished, more than 200 local companies participated and saw notable accomplishments, with the increased numbers of contracts.

1With the anticipated newer and convergence type of solutions, MEDICA 2015 will be a good stimulus for exhibitors who are scheduled to display their existing, but still market-attractive export items – digital X-ray, infuser, electrosurgical unit, etc. For 2015, the nation’s new solutions applied with new idea will be exposed to carry out their roles intended in their designs.

These Korean companies − specialized in designing and manufacturing of such variety of medical solutions as consultation & diagnosis equipment, clinical examination equipment, radiology equipment, surgical apparatus & equipment, cure apparatus & equipment, physiotherapy apparatus, medical information system, cosmetic dermatology & healthcare equipment, and disposable apparatus − will add their forces in featuring the fair more competitive, quality global top medical exhibition. And as MEDICA is one of the most specialized medical trade fairs in the world, the nation’s companies are expected to seize the newest trends of the medical industry, also even to help direct the medical services of the future.

The Korean medical industry is undergoing a transitional process evolving into an industry featuring cutt ing-edge technologies mixed with the convergence type of various
kinds of information technologies. The comparatively old medical equipment is being replaced with the latest equipment that can more accurately diagnose than prior versions of their kinds and support two-way communication.

In addition, a new concept of medical solutions covering various convergence technologies including mobile healthcare have already emerged in the domestic market, shaping a new eco-system of the medical industry. Att ention to convergence between 3D printers and the medical fi eld is also growing, with various kinds of offi cial policy seminars, special lectures, and global trade conferences, which were witnessed through the KIMES 2015.

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Korean companies pursue rich opportunities in Europe

Some numbers of Korea’s leading consumer electronics makers are sett ing their sights on the forthcoming IFA 2005, to be held in Germany from September 4 to 9, with the aim to affi rm their competitiveness witnessed in Korea and non- Europe regions.

The global top-profile fair has great meanings for Korean companies to use it as a barometer for their market leadership in the European region. They will also strive to grasp the advanced trends of consumer electronics areas in global advanced regions. They are passionate in leading the global overall current trends of pursuing diversity, effectiveness, sustainability and, of course, elegant design and smart functionality.


Korean companies will confirm the competitiveness again of the solutions presented in previous versions of that fair in such specific areas of TVs, car media, display and projectors, components and equipment for electrical appliances, electric domestic heating systems, home entertainment, home networks, the Internet, large household appliances, media, PC hardware and software, small electric domestic appliances, telecommunication networks, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.

Such products are equipped with strengthened smart functions, which enable convenient sharing of contents among various kinds of home appliances, and seek ideas from newer productive demands on the live site to be further equipped with more innovative design and function and thereby contribute to the benefits of global consumers. Apparently attracting 240,000 participants, and 1,538 companies, the giant consumer electronics fair will surely offer an invaluable opportunity for Korean companies to seize and share great ideas among those companies and participants.

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Products selected by Gyeongsangnam-do

Realize your dreams! The best investment is in Gyeongsangnam-do where the perfect infrastructure awaits you

The best investment location

Gyeongsangnam-do consists of eight cities and ten counties, with an area of 10,537.32km2 that comprises 10.51% of the total territory of the Republic of Korea. It is currently considered one of the highest-level locations in wide-area municipalities nationwide to be invested by foreign investors.

The-best-investment-location Some key factors are leading the municipality’s attractiveness to investors – airports(Gimhae International Airport and Sacheon Airport), traffic networks (seven stations in expressway and two stations in KTX (Korea Train Express), economic zones (two economic zones, two foreign investment zones, and one free trade zone), international ports (Busan Port, Gwangyang Port and Masan Port), and industrial complexes(4,874 companies residing in seven national industrial complexes and 158 general industrial complexes).

The best investment location

In particular, some major industrial complexes are worthy to be globally known. Located in Changwon with an area of 134, 532m2 (71,368m2 and additional 63,164m2), Changwon Nammun Foreign Investment Zone within the Busan Jinhae Free Economic Zone targets residing industries of mechatronics, automobile components, shipbuilding materials industry, machinery, only permitting foreign-invested companies (currently 200 companies, 28,762 employees, US$ 34.999 billion of production, and export of US$724 million. The total export volume amounts to US$ 20.724 billion.)

Global-leading-industrial-complexes The remaining leading complexes include Gimhae Techno Valley General Industrial Complex (located in Gimhae with the area of 1,522,000m2, focusing on industries of medicines, metal processing, electronic components, computers, media electronic equipment, others), Changyeong General Industrial Complex (located in Changyeong-gun with the area of 647,696m2 in the fields of metal, machinery, automobile, electricity, etc.), and Galsa Bay Shipbuilding Industrial Complex / within the Free Economic Zone in Gwangyang Bay Region (located in Changyeong-gun with the size of 647,696m2 on the industries of metal, machinery, automobile, electricity, others.)


The nation’s third highest province in GRDP

Thanks to favorable business backgrounds including such factors, it recorded KRW 95.63 trillion in Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) as of 2012, taking 6.9 percent of Gross Domestic Product(GDP) of the Republic of Korea and the 3rd highest GRDP among all provinces across the nation.


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CommunicAsia 2015

CommunicAsia2015 to provide newer business clue for Korean ICT companies

Supported by Kotra and independently, Korean ICT enterprises are scheduled to present their latest innovative technologies regarding big data, business analytics, cloud technologies, IoT, Zigbee, etc. at the forthcoming CommunicAsia2015, which will be held from June 2 to June 5.

Korean companies including global leading companies like Samsung Electronics seek ways to increase their market influence over areas in which they are engaged while in anticipation of realization of better future where the way we live and work is dramatically changed.

CommunicAsia2015 Through the four-day exhibition, solution providers from Korea will participate in the process of determination of future directions of the information technology sector, resolution of critical issues within Asia-Pacific markets, establishment of strategic partnerships among key players of the ICT ecosystem, and founding for the latest industryspecific technologies and innovations to adapt and respond to challenges and opportunities, and thus they will boost their presence in the regional markets.

In line with the increasingly complicated demands of global customers in the section of ICT, coupled with the proliferation of connected devices, the nation’s producers of ICT products are gaining keener attention than ever. This upcoming fair will be the very place for them to find clues to meet such challenges. Moreover, this year version as prior ones will be happened, concurrently with EnterpriseIT2015 and BroadcastAsia2015, concurrently providing venues to source the latest innovations and solutions that enable Korean businesses to stay relevant in the rapidly digitalizing and consumerled business landscape, in the specific areas of connected home, smart office, wearable devices and technologies, mobile payment, mobile health and more.

Korean companies will also use the BroadcastAsia2015, the largest representative integrated event, for their industries of films, TVs and entertainment.

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Korean IT companies line up

Korean IT companies line up to compete with global rivals in the New Year

The upcoming CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, recognized as one of the world’s three largest IT exhibitions, is expected to be the perfect venue for Korean IT companies seeking business chances to elevate their presence in attractive global markets.

CeBIT is fast approaching with this year’s theme of D!conomy, a portmanteau word of ‘digital’ and ‘economy.’ Under this theme, the 2015 CeBIT, as a business-oriented trade fair, is going to feature the latest developments and products focusing on big data, Internet of Things, security, cloud and mobile technologies by companies in unparalleled breadth and depth for all participants including Korean IT makers.

Korean-IT-companies-line-up. In this context, Korean exporters specialized in such industrial areas will confirm their competitiveness in line with such emerging and intensified trends of IT development and find challenges that lead to a higher level of position by which market leadership across various areas of converged IT sectors led by Korean companies is for the time being created.

Together with at least 3,000 exhibitors from other nations, Korean companies will also unveil their state-of-the-art products equipped with competitiveness sufficient to fully compete with those from other countries, reflecting the global market trends. Korea’s largest IT company Samsung Electronics plans to use this CeBIT as a place to strengthen the capacity for the B2B market, with various latest cuttingedge items. KOTRA and some domestic agencies will also set up the Korean Pavilion for Korean enterprises.

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CES 2015

Korea’s consumer companies to take the stage at CES 2015 with latest innovation technologies

Korean consumer companies’ market-leading solutions will be presented capturing keen attention among industrial circles at the forthcoming CES 2015, which will feature 20 category-specific marketplaces highlighting innovation across diverse product areas.

From January 6 to 9, Korean suppliers will seek more business opportunities – seizing the early global market opportunities of the New Year at the largest-ever scale exhibition, where more than 3,500 units of consumer home appliances and technologies will be presented. Korea’s smalland medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will make use of this year’s active drives in the global markets in order to maintain favorable mood for them. In the meantime, Korean global giant consumer makers – Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics – are more proactively moving to maximize the promotion effects they are considering for their large share of market dominance.

CES-2015 The former is planning to mass-produce QD (Quantum Dot) TVs after unveiling those products at the event. The latter is also strategically considering exhibition of QD TVs and their mass-production.

Hyundai will exhibit its latest automotive models equipped with market-leading technologies among an enhanced lineup of automotive technology exhibits at the exhibition as way of boosting its brand awareness, where other global auto makers are also scheduled to be at the venue – such as Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Mazda, Mercedes, MINI, Toyota and Volkswagen. These makers’ such plans were reportedly determined to join the trend of underscoring the expanding intersection between consumer technologies and automobiles.

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Korea’s medical companies

Korea’s medical companies seeking new openings to boost presence in the European medical market

Germany’s world’s largest-scale medical industry exhibition MEDICA 2014, which is to be held from Nov. 12 to 14, in Dusseldorf, Germany, is approaching with far broader ranges of medical solutions than previous MEDICA exhibitions. Through last year’s performance – 50,275 exhibitors from 70 nations, 137,000 participants from 98 countries, it proved its solid brand awareness as a biggest fair in the global medical market.

Korean medical enterprises specialized in manufacturing of such various medical solutions as consultation & diagnosis equipment, clinical examination equipment, radiology equipment, surgical apparatus & equipment, cure apparatus & equipment, physiotherapy apparatus, medical information system, cosmetic dermatology & healthcare equipment, and disposable apparatus are hoping they can display their advanced solutions in front of potential buyers while expecting development of greater business opportunity than those they made in KEMES 2014 in the early spring of this year.

Korea’s-medical-companies Some current Korean medical leaders including Samsung will, especially, be ready to take advantage of MEDICA 2014 as a venue to confirm their current comparative competitiveness again over global competitors including Germany-based makers, in order to raise their respective market leadership and further reconfirm their recent decisions in the selection of strategic investment areas that can potentially lead their business direction for the swiftly changing future medial market.

The Korean medical industry is undergoing a transitional process evolving into an industry featuring cutting-edge technologies mixed with the convergence type of various kinds of information technologies. The comparatively old medical equipment is being replaced with the latest equipment that can more accurately diagnose than prior versions of their kinds and support bi directional communication.

In addition, a new concept of medical solutions covering various convergence technologies including mobile healthcare have already emerged in the domestic market, shaping a new eco-system of the medical industry.

▶Infusion pumps
▶ENT unit
▶MRI system
▶Ultrasound system
▶Three-dimensional laparoscopic system
▶Body composition analyzer and blood pressure monitor
▶Low-temperature plasma sterilizer
▶Home healthcare device

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