South Korea’s medical companies to ignite a new race for new concepts of medical solutions

More than 200 South Korean medical companies are focusing their att ention on the upcoming MEDICA 2015, the world’s largest medical fair, with an even more diversified
range of exhibits contents. As the nation’s medical device industry maintains its steady development, the number of exhibitors of the various nations also increases, with specifi c data of yearly growing numbers.

For this year, those companies decided to record the performance at this fair, at least the same as the results of the MEDICA 2014. At a time when the MEDICA 2014 was finished, more than 200 local companies participated and saw notable accomplishments, with the increased numbers of contracts.

1With the anticipated newer and convergence type of solutions, MEDICA 2015 will be a good stimulus for exhibitors who are scheduled to display their existing, but still market-attractive export items – digital X-ray, infuser, electrosurgical unit, etc. For 2015, the nation’s new solutions applied with new idea will be exposed to carry out their roles intended in their designs.

These Korean companies − specialized in designing and manufacturing of such variety of medical solutions as consultation & diagnosis equipment, clinical examination equipment, radiology equipment, surgical apparatus & equipment, cure apparatus & equipment, physiotherapy apparatus, medical information system, cosmetic dermatology & healthcare equipment, and disposable apparatus − will add their forces in featuring the fair more competitive, quality global top medical exhibition. And as MEDICA is one of the most specialized medical trade fairs in the world, the nation’s companies are expected to seize the newest trends of the medical industry, also even to help direct the medical services of the future.

The Korean medical industry is undergoing a transitional process evolving into an industry featuring cutt ing-edge technologies mixed with the convergence type of various
kinds of information technologies. The comparatively old medical equipment is being replaced with the latest equipment that can more accurately diagnose than prior versions of their kinds and support two-way communication.

In addition, a new concept of medical solutions covering various convergence technologies including mobile healthcare have already emerged in the domestic market, shaping a new eco-system of the medical industry. Att ention to convergence between 3D printers and the medical fi eld is also growing, with various kinds of offi cial policy seminars, special lectures, and global trade conferences, which were witnessed through the KIMES 2015. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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