Body composition analyzer and blood pressure monitor

[INQ. NO. 1411E06] Jawon Medical is one of the renowned manufacturers of body composition analyzers and blood pressure monitors in Korea and now provides over 30 kinds of medical devices.


Body-composition-analyzer_1 Jawon Medical’s ioi 353 is a portable body composition analyzer with light weight of 10 kg. Its main function is to provide the basic analysis of body composition along with supplying segmental analysis. The exclusively equipped carry bag enables it to be safely carried around. And also, the user can check medical results upon seeing the measurement from the A4 printer and thermal printer.

The medial data stored in the main units is transferred to USB memory stick so that the analysis can be viewed anywhere.

The ambulatory blood pressures monitor FA 48 has motion-detecting sensors embedded in the main unit detecting patients’ movements while measuring the blood pressure simultaneously.

With functions of detecting patients’ movement in various angles, it can provide accurate blood pressure data so that it can be used for more precise diagnosis and better management of hypertension. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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