Three-dimensional laparoscopic system

[INQ. NO. 1411E05] Founded in 2006, Sometech has invested in bulks for developing and massproducing 3D laparoscopic systems, targeting users both at home and overseas markets. contrary to conventional opentype surgery system adopting large abdominal incisions, the latest three-dimensional laparoscopic system only requires a small incision through trocar and operational tools, which leave minimal scars, thus enabling recovery time much shorter and contributing to the increase of life quality of the sick.

Three-dimensional-laparoscopic-system The system, thanks to such merit, has recently appeared as one of the major surgical solutions leading the status of the medical market, especially among doctors who are seeking more innovative surgery solutions enabling invasive operations on a minimal scale while ensuring higher levels of accuracy and efficiency than the existing operation systems.

Unlike the existing two-dimensional laparoscopic system that supports no sense of distance in image and causes a mismatch between eyes and hands when operating (and thus resulted in making less accuracy, only by depending on an operator’s human skill and experience), the system makes it possible to always give clear images with an accurate sense of distance.

Thus, the latest system enables safer operations based upon such improved functions. Sometech also developed a high-resolution rod lens classified as full HD grade. This full HD-grade rod lens maximizes stereo effect so it provides more vivid and stereo images during operations. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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