Low-temperature plasma sterilizer

[INQ. NO. 1411E07] Since its foundation in 1975, Hanshin Medical has made its utmost efforts to consistently supply medical products and related services exceeding the expectations of the markets.

Long years of its sincere efforts were for convenient, accurate work of doctors, nurses, technicians and all other hospital personnel concerned.

Hanshin Medical developed at an early stage a system ensuring high-quality management for the purpose of achieving such goals as steadily as possible. It also always kept in mind that it is urgent and important to be ceaselessly equipped with medical technologies leading the market.

Low-temperature-plasma-sterilizerhttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiryAs a result of such efforts, Hanshin’s products have been favorably approved among end-users for their high excellence in functions. The certifications it won include CE Marking certificate in accordance with Medical Device Directive (93/42EEC) and Quality System Standards (EN ISO 9001 / EN ISO 13485) from reputable SGS and TUV Nord.

Among the current core items ready for potential overseas buyers are: Steam Sterilizer; Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer; Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer; and Dry-Heat Sterilizer.

There are also such eyecatching items as Refrigerator-Biological and Freezer-Blood Plasma, High Performance Centrifuge, Ultraviolet Rays Sterilizer, Doppler Fetus Pulse Detector, Cast Cutter, and Cutting & Sealing Machine.

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