Korean IT companies line up

Korean IT companies line up to compete with global rivals in the New Year

The upcoming CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, recognized as one of the world’s three largest IT exhibitions, is expected to be the perfect venue for Korean IT companies seeking business chances to elevate their presence in attractive global markets.

CeBIT is fast approaching with this year’s theme of D!conomy, a portmanteau word of ‘digital’ and ‘economy.’ Under this theme, the 2015 CeBIT, as a business-oriented trade fair, is going to feature the latest developments and products focusing on big data, Internet of Things, security, cloud and mobile technologies by companies in unparalleled breadth and depth for all participants including Korean IT makers.

Korean-IT-companies-line-up. In this context, Korean exporters specialized in such industrial areas will confirm their competitiveness in line with such emerging and intensified trends of IT development and find challenges that lead to a higher level of position by which market leadership across various areas of converged IT sectors led by Korean companies is for the time being created.

Together with at least 3,000 exhibitors from other nations, Korean companies will also unveil their state-of-the-art products equipped with competitiveness sufficient to fully compete with those from other countries, reflecting the global market trends. Korea’s largest IT company Samsung Electronics plans to use this CeBIT as a place to strengthen the capacity for the B2B market, with various latest cuttingedge items. KOTRA and some domestic agencies will also set up the Korean Pavilion for Korean enterprises.

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Wireless presenter

[INQ. NO. 1502E12] ChoisTechnology is well-known for its world’s first brand of “X-Pointer” that enables presenters to effectively present what they want to convey controlling the PC-based on support of USB RF wireless communications. Since 2001, under the brand of X-Pointer, Chois Technology has been steadily releasing more upgraded wireless presenters, growing into the leading wireless presenter producing company in South Korea.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry The export performance of various models of X-pointer riding on steady good approvals from global major electronics-related exhibitions is being well publicized through such potential markets as Japan, Germany, Turkey, and the U.S. on a steady pace of growth. Now, it occupies the top spot in the Korean market in terms of market share and technological leadership.

This year, Chois Technology has decided that it would throw its hat in the ring to conspicuously extend its global presence in global potential smart device markets with its new flagship presenter “X-pointer mobile” by participating in upcoming CeBIT, IFA, and HKF.

X-pointer mobile, the world’s first of its kind employing mobile functions, is a laser pointer using smartphones(mobile devices). Now, two versions – a version supplying a function of touch pen with a form of portable case and another version providing clip are ready for its global customers. With this, presenters can perform their effective presentations anytime and anywhere with this innovative “X-pointer mobile featuring compact and simple design.


This latest X-pointer mobile is expected to significantly help increase the possibility of customers’ business success. ChoisTechnology plans to continuously unveil subsequent follow-up models for global markets through effectively applying wireless and interface sensing technology with apps based upon stable and reliable production technology.

Chois Technology will continue to develop and commercialize devices and apps working together with various kinds of smart devices. This means it will contribute to market expansion of accessories areas in global markets.

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