Korean companies pursue rich opportunities in Europe

Some numbers of Korea’s leading consumer electronics makers are sett ing their sights on the forthcoming IFA 2005, to be held in Germany from September 4 to 9, with the aim to affi rm their competitiveness witnessed in Korea and non- Europe regions.

The global top-profile fair has great meanings for Korean companies to use it as a barometer for their market leadership in the European region. They will also strive to grasp the advanced trends of consumer electronics areas in global advanced regions. They are passionate in leading the global overall current trends of pursuing diversity, effectiveness, sustainability and, of course, elegant design and smart functionality.


Korean companies will confirm the competitiveness again of the solutions presented in previous versions of that fair in such specific areas of TVs, car media, display and projectors, components and equipment for electrical appliances, electric domestic heating systems, home entertainment, home networks, the Internet, large household appliances, media, PC hardware and software, small electric domestic appliances, telecommunication networks, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.

Such products are equipped with strengthened smart functions, which enable convenient sharing of contents among various kinds of home appliances, and seek ideas from newer productive demands on the live site to be further equipped with more innovative design and function and thereby contribute to the benefits of global consumers. Apparently attracting 240,000 participants, and 1,538 companies, the giant consumer electronics fair will surely offer an invaluable opportunity for Korean companies to seize and share great ideas among those companies and participants.

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