PV Modules

PV Modules
https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryS-Energy is the Korea’s leading PV module manufacturer which spun off from Samsung electronics in 2001. Its history of excellence can truly be called legendary in the Korean PV industry as the company has put quality control to be the first priority in all aspects.

S-Energy is developing PV modules that can be used for any installation environment. Residential rooftops, commercial buildings, PV plants and even remote islands and mountains. And, as an EPC provider, S-Energy has accumulated experience for 20 years and completed the first MW scale PV power plant in Korea. Based on these cumulative experiences and know-hows, this maker can provide turn key project development from land acquisition to O&M.

S-Energy’s PV module is a 240 ~ 255 / 290 ~ 305Watt Polycrystalline PV Module. It has from 0 through 5w positive power sorting tolerance. As it has passed ammonia corrosion resistance test, Salt mist corrosion test, therefore it is applicable in agricultural and stock breeding environment. And it also is applicable in marine environment. Its mechanical load is 8,400Pa(857kg/m2).

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