Semicon, Display, Solar cell, Lighting and Equipment

Semicon, Display, Solar cell, Lighting and Equipment Engineering is a leading process equipment technology provider for the semiconductor, flat panel display, solar cell, and lighting industries. Since its founding in 1995, Jusung’s innovations enable customers and partners to produce advanced technology products while maintaining cost competitiveness and shortening time to market. The company’s emphasis on generating unique and innovative products has led to over 1,600 global patents and multiple prestigious awards such as Korea’s 10 Best Technologies and World-Class Product Designation. The company’s world class R&D center, manufacturing, and administrative offices are located outside Seoul, with sales and service centers around the world in China, Taiwan, Japan, the USA, EU, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Now it is a leading technology provider for the latest generation processing equipment used by the world’s top flat panel display manufacturers. It provides solutions for PECVD, a-Si, as well as the World’s first IGZO MOCVD processing equipment. For solar cells, this maker also provides a wide suite of processing equipment, including crystalline and thin film solutions. Proven technology with 342MW installed worldwide, available as a single processing tool, or turnkey solution. And leveraging its core technology in deposition and large area processing expertise, JUSUNG has entered the lighting industry with two technological breakthroughs. For LED application, it developed the world’s first Gen4 OLED processing for lighting applications.

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