LED light source edge exposure unit

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[INQ. NO. 1412E14] Established in 2007, INFITECH has developed UV LED illuminant exposure unit, industrial computer, and storage device by utilizing the accumulated technologyin terms of electric & electronics sector as well as enhanced parts improvement for the semiconductor/display field through parts localization.

LED-light-source-edge-exposure-unithttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Of the top-notch products, the semiconductor track facility can be used for UV LED illuminant which is a light source from surrounding exposure facility of the display instead of mercury lamp; additionally is not only environmentally friendly low carbon green growth, but also is able to reduce maintenance costs.

The company’s LED light source edge exposure unit is based on semiconductor wafer or display glass peripheral part using UV LED illuminant. It ensures reduced maintenance costs, low consumption power to replace environmentally friendly LED instead of mercury lamps. It has a longer life cycle than the existing mercury lamps. The immediate exposure is available after lighting without warm-up time. The significant reduction of energy cost is possible by using low consumption power by using LED illuminant. It is used at such various fields as semiconductor photo process track equipment, display photo process titler edge exposure equipment, etc. Other flagship products by the company include PCB main pattern exposure unit, curing unit, etc.

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