Parking systems

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[INQ. NO. 1412E15] Inpeg vision had developed an image processing and license plate recognition system by its own technology and applied in various field of ITS and provides core algorithm and technologies to many customers in domestic and overseas markets.


Parking-systems_1 Inpeg’s LPR-based advanced access control system (known as a parking management system) takes images of entering/leaving vehicles with high-definition mega pixel camera, automatically recognizing plate number when accessing or managing them. Inpeg’s parking guidance system is a cutting edge intelligence type system to guide one to effectively find the parked vehicle easily. It reads the number of the parked vehicle by utilizing contents-based recognition technology and saves the surroundings of vehicle with a mega-pixel high-resolution camera. For fast and safe parking, it leads the entering vehicles to the empty parking space. Checking the location of the parked vehicle can be sought by entering 4-digit vehicle number at the parking entry kiosk when it shows parking location information, image information.

Inpeg also operates an LPR-based road security CCTV system. The security system can capture all the vehicles passing by the road, providing the real-time information to the operator over the information of the stolen vehicles, exposed to potential crimes, with plate No. and video images. Inpeg was determined to make its unremitted efforts to develop sole image processing technology to position itself as a pioneer of techniques. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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