Automatic transfer switch (air circuit breaker type)

Established in 1960, Hankwang Electric has been consistently striving to be a leading company specialized in manufacturing of switchgear and their related electrical equipment, contributing to Korea’s industrial development constantly. Currently its major products include metal clad switches, compact panels, ATS (Automatic Transfer switches), ACB (Automatic Circuit Breakers), magnetic switches, safety switches, and distribution boards.

Automatic-transfer-switch-(air-circuit-breaker-type) Hankwang Electric’s air circuit breaker type of automatic transfer switch is currently at the top of its export list, which also actually plays a major role in the company’s elevation of market leadership. The features of the advanced items include quick & accurate transfer systems, perfect arc absorb structures, high & enough to withstand current rating, design considering voltage and frequency, overlapping neutral contact, and by-pass & un-interrupting switch.

Hankwang Electric intends to become a leader in the global electric industry, gaining a high reputation at home and abroad. With the top-quality of its general employees (94 persons) and R&D staff s (6 persons), the company places its top priority on customer satisfaction. As a result of aggressive business eff orts, the company’s annual sales and export amount to $23mil. and 1.5mil., respectively. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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