Wireless co-listening electronic stethoscope

As one of the Korea’s leading biosignal sensing and measurement companies, PhysioLab supplies biosignal kits and modules as well as biosignal acquisition systems to more than 60 medical engineering-related universities in Korea and abroad. Starting with three types of compact biosignal modules with built-in isolation circuits that it recently launched, it plans to successively launch two-channel compact biosignal modules, wireless compact biosignal modules and compact DAQ products applicable to the health IT area. Recently, it has prepared the release of Share Sound in order to contribute to the medical education as soon as possible. PhysioLab will evolve into a
leader of true u-Healthcare as it creates a healthy society.

Wireless-co-listening-electronic-stethoscopehttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry PhysioLab’s Share Sound is an educational stethoscope system that acquires auscultation sound by using an electronic stethoscope and transmits it wirelessly to multiple receivers to ensure the sound is heard together. With high quality auscultation sound, Share Sound transforms small sounds into loud and clear sound. It allows inexperienced students to auscultate simply and easily.

The wireless co-listening technology ensures students to feel and experiences the sound of a stethoscope performed by medical specialists; thus, it allows students to engage in proper use of the stethoscope. The receiver with built-in speaker allows wireless co-listening when the power is turned on and the stethoscope is placed on it. Share Sound is composed of electronic stethoscope, co-listening Receiver, co-listening Dongle, and co-listening Software. This product provides various functions such as auscultation and co-listening, record, playback, edit, graph display, etc.

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