Emergency downlight

Union Light is the largest comprehensive developer of lighting equipment in Korea, with products such as emergency lighting and 40-plus types of rechargeable lighting.

The company’s emergency downlight(ULD-60) has an LED lamp, which has a high color rendering index, allowing people to quickly fi nd the evacuation route in case of a fire due to disaster. Compared to existing lightings, it boasts great energy efficiency and has 40 times longer product life – leading to electricity cost-reduction of 30%. In addition, it emits less UV rays and infrared rays. This eco-friendly emergency lighting is free of toxic substances and prevents insects from getting inside. With the patented thermal radiation technology, the generation of heat is minimized. It does not require warm-up, and the instant-on lighting protects vision. The all-in-one LED Down Light can be easily installed on a low ceiling and also in a small space. It is economical with low installation cost.

Emergency-downlighthttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Normally, it is used as a general lighting, and in the event of a power failure or emergency, it immediately converts into emergency lighting and stays on for up to 2 hours. It is easy to install as the top part consists of an all-in-one emergency lighting circuit. It reduces anxiety during a blackout caused by a fi re as its luminous intensity is 90% of that of general lighting.

The charging circuit prevents overcharge and overdischarge to maintain the best condition for the batt ery.

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