LED floodlight (proof type)

WEGI is an LED lighting manufacturing company. It specializes in development, manufacture, sales and services of LED-applied lighting products. It has 100 products in total including LED floodlights (48 models: 30~200W), LED downlights (6-inch, 8-inch 32 models: 20 ~120W), LED spotlights (32 models:16~33W), multi-downlights (36 type : 24~ 90W), high bay lights(8 types: 100 ~ 200W), and DC lights (8 models: 12V, 24V).

LED-floodlight-(proof-type)https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry WEGI has tirelessly strived to meet the needs of its customers and society in large under its company value of promoting consumer and public interest. It has continuously put its greatest efforts into research and development of high efficiency and affordably priced products. WEGI is providing high-efficient lighting at reasonable prices to its customers and is looking to contribute to combating energy crises worldwide. The company looks forward to providing you with the best of our products and services to meet your needs.

LED floodlight from the company is produced to replace the existing floodlight classified as 48 types according to installation shape (exposured), lens type (spreaded, focused), light color (3000k~7000k), enclosure color (white, black) and W (30W~200W). It is used for building walls, tree lights, sculptures, bridge lights, parks, and signs.

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