Industrial optical modules

Optomarine is a leading supplier developing and manufacturing light source parts, optical transmission device (Encoder no-noise optical Tx& Rx, multimedia optical device), shipbuilding & marine equipment based on the optical package and RF technology. Now, uni-directional optical industrial modules have been developed and are being manufactured by the first such company in Korea. Also Optomarine succeeded in developing bi-directional industrial optical modules through its own technology. industrial networking structure is getting bigger and more complicated. The electrical communication via coaxial cable has some difficulties about malfunction of devices caused by noise and short-distance transmission. It is thus changing to fiber optic communication for industrial networking as the best way to provide long distance communication and nonoise. Opto Marine’s optical modules are main parts to convert electric signal to optical signal and transmit and receive the data for the application. The module types are transmitters supplied with 650nm LED / 850nm VCSEL light source and receivers supplied with 650nm / 850nm PD(TIA). An 850nm VCSEL transmitter is for high speed as 155Mbps ~ 2.5Gbps and long link up to 2km without repeater. 650nm LED transmitters are low price for short link and 1mm POF application in industrial communication. Transmitters and receivers are directly compatible ST, SC, FC, SMA types in accordance with connection port. Also the modules are designed to be installed directly on customized board in the field.

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