Solar home system

Dawon Electronics is a company specialized in laser drilling and processing on the printed circuit board. Since its establishment in 1993, Dawon Electronics has become a small but strong industry leader with technical competency and competitiveness through continuous challenge and innovation.

Solar-home-system The company’s new product Multi-Sunlight and Solar Home System are equipment to generate electricity based on the clean energy, solar power. These products are developed from the ‘sharing together’ mindset to enhance quality of life of the poor in Africa and Southeast Asia by lighting up the darkness in houses without power supply. With Dawon Electronics’ solar power products which are essential for households and industries on occasions such as outdoor camping, emergency situations due to natural disasters, construction sites, and underdeveloped rural areas, Dawon Electronics is committed to contributing to consumers’ health and leisure activities, and become an industry leader in energy-saving and environmental protection.

To make the “portable generation and lighting device” (30W solar module), eco-friendly solar energy and high-efficient LED came together. It is embedded with a safe and eco-friendly lithium-iron phosphate battery. Household lighting systems can be charged through solar energy – for all family members. Available for lighting for the bedroom, living room and kitchen for 10 hours at the same time (3.5W LED bulb). It is possible to use a fan for 13 hours outdoors during the hot summer without a breath of wind. Charging a smartphone is directly possible from the system. It thus can be used conveniently in any place. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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