Touch OTG pen usb flash memory

David Tech is a manufacturer of USB flash drive and is known as market- leading company in Korea. With its technologies, it provides its satisfied customers with the best USB storage. The company is now planning to advance into the global market. T.O.P (Touch OTG Pen) USB is one of the innovative USBs invented by the patent holder, David Tech. It consists of a touch pen, an OTG connector and high capacity USB storage. The OTG connector allows a mobile phone to act as host for a flash drive, read and download its contents. It enables users to store data with high capacity USB storage, transfer by OTG connector and play it on a smartphone. Moreover, touch pen not only acts as its own function but protects the OTG 5pin connector. Also, with a beautiful design, T. O. P. is selected as Good Design product by a Korean government organization.

Touch-OTG-pen-usb-flash-memory David Tech’s external battery DVB-5200 puts an end to searching for accessible power outlets to charge your iPhone, smartphone or wearable device when you are on the go. Charge it before you leave, then take it along to recharge your portable device at your convenience, anywhere. Once charged, the portable power 5400 quickly transfers power via USB, indicating the charge progress with a series of LED lights. It has enough capacity to recharge an iPhone twice. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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