All-In-One digital-SLR slit lamp adaptor

UMI provides medical imaging solutions, interlocking with surgical, and outpatient medical imaging equipment to national university hospitals and clinics. In addition, the unique ophthalmic solutions that it manufactures are not only marketed by top-ranked hospitals in Korea but also by overseas doctors. With well over 10 years of business, it is consistently identifying and evaluating opportunities for new product development to become a global leading medical imaging company. If you already have a slit lamp and would like to convert it to digital, All-In- One digital slit lamp adaptor is your best option. It is compatible with most DSLR cameras, and with high-resolution still images (18.1MP), you will get sharp and clear images of the anterior segment of the eye, all the time.

All-In-One-digital-SLR-slit-lamp-adaptor You can even show ‘Live Video’ on a high definition LCD monitor, while you are taking the pictures and transfer them automatically to a computer. Then save the pictures in the PC along with the patient information. The digital slit lamp adaptors can be easily upgraded to perform digital slit lamp imaging system: A beam splitter for 50:50 or 70:30 prisms with integrated C-mount adaptor, and the beam splitter can be switched off 100% of light to the oculars rather than 50%; Zeiss/Haag style video exit port for HD video camera or assistant’s scope; Compatible with most DSLR camera. Canon, Nikon, etc.; Adjustable focusing knob; and Adjustable iris to have a greater depth of field. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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