Car black box

Innotek Korea was formed in 2004, and has been a global “hidden champion” in the manufacture and export of highly reliable, vehicle-use products over the past 10 years. Innotek Korea has done business as a supplier of highly reliable products, mainly in the export market to Japan and domestically has delivered OEM projects on a continuous basis in partnership with the Hyundai Motors Group. From the second half of 2013, based on its successful business over the past 10 years, the company is now actively focusing on participating in foreign exhibitions in the export business. It intends to be a young, dynamic leader in the area of global car black boxes, based on our business stability and proven, cutting-edge technology. The current major business areas include vehicle-mounted black, navigation, car audio, and electrical & electronic products.

Car-black-box The current flagship car blackbox model i-3700 leads the pace of this year’s marketing strategies of the company. The model is considered among industry experts emerging products enough to fully gather the notices, armed with such competitive functions as car battery discharge prevention, easy user setting by full touch LCD, one touch SD card format, event record(10 seconds before/20 second after shock), and continuous record (file per every one minute). Moreover, this model is gaining a high reputation due to its simple but gentle and curvy front design. And it has a larger size of angle-wide lens and employed Sony’s EXMOR image sensor, giving the effects of a premium product. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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