Roadcam T-5000 dash cam

Founded in 2008, ILWOO MND has developed a dash cam (car blackbox; vehicle driving recorder) in 2009. It applied patents of photo senor utilizing in car blackbox in 2010. Taking No. 1 ranking in the biggest Japanese Internet shopping mall, Lakuten and launched 1ch HD and 2ch HD product in 2011.

Roadcam-T-5000-dash-cam The roadcam T-5000 dash cam is currently the fl agship product for the company. It was selected as the crime prevention CCTV blackbox camera by police offices. The company was registered as a U.S. federal government official vendor in 2013. In the year of 2013, it was selected as FTA utilizing global company. The company started providing dash cams even to taxi companies in 2014.

Supporting 60 frame CPU performances in total, the product delivers high temperature durability and recording stability. Basically, detection of Day and Night and auto control is ensured. Two kinds of software (firmware) – for car and CCTV – are provided. It permits dominant quality control and has a very low defect ratio. The functions of security LED and motion detection are available. It can support up to 256GB SD card. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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