LED lighting

In 2009, Zam LED started manufacturing of LED lighting, which could save electric energy significantly. That was a kind of business for the company partly to contribute to solving the depletion of energy resources. Also the fact that LED lighting is essential for the green energy sector as it can completely remove industry removals released by existing lighting led the company to begin the business.

LED-lighting https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Zam LED mostly produces such indoor lighting as LED bulbs, tube lights, PAR30, down lights and panel lights, and related kinds of products. Zam LED exports nearly all its products to India, Vietnam, Dubai and other countries where users suffer higher temperatures and the problem of frequent shortages and cuts of electricity. The company has developed all of its products as wide voltage. It has main office in Gyeonggi province and main factory in Chungnam province as strategic locations, respectively. Also Zam LED will start to run a new factory, in Chennai, India from Nov, 2015 that it plans to export LED lightings to all over the world from India.

As the most representative LED lighting among many kinds of LED lightings, LED PAR30(10W/13W) leads the company’s strategic move for overseas markets. Now two types – spot light type, fl ood type (high effi ciency) – are manufactured. The two types of LED lighting products are now called most popular products with the highest quality, design and competitive prices. Light colors are 3,000K, 5,700K. The scope of available temperature is from -20°~50°C. Notably, LED lighting products ensures up to 40,000hrs of lifetime. Other highly competitive LED light products including LED panel light, LED tube tube light, and LED tube light are also emerging as products that could strongly capture the att ention of global potential buyers.

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