Furnace monitoring camera

Youngkook Electronics has specialized in manufacturing of CCTV surveillance systems including surveillance products and special purpose industrial products. Its furnace monitoring camera can monitor the high temperature state of the furnace within a 1,800 degree with an air-cooled system and this model improves the fi ve functions (compact, construct, convenient, cheap, clear) of other products. This reduces the volume as much as possible by combining several functions.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry And the company’s panoramic auto-tracking speed dome camera is also highly competitive. For “surveillance by people” effect, three-step surveillance (wide surveillance, focused surveillance, auto-tracking) services are supported. With the built-in fi sh-eye lens camera (“180~360 degree Panoramic Image”), wide surveillance is possible. The PTZ camera enables focused surveillance. It eff ectively detects moving objects (pan tilt zoom at the most active object). Lastly, auto-tracking is available for wide surveillance for moving line, focused surveillance for identification.

Furnace-monitoring-camera The company has worked with the central and local governments more than 50 times each year based on Patents, NEP(New Excellent Product) Certification, Performance Certification etc. And now, it also has patents in over 40 countries to advance into overseas markets. It will expand its business area through innovative ideas and developed technologies in the CCTV /Industrial TV Field which was formerly the preserve of advanced countries in Europe, the USA and Japan.

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