Global cloud call center solution

Seoul Information System was founded on 20/MAR/1984, and has concentrated on Call Center solutions for 20 years, developed CLOUD Call Center system TELPER V7.0 to be operated in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, and supplied Cloud Call Center on SaaS. TELPER V7.0 was certified by Certificate of Software Quality, GS(Good Softeware, Certification NO : 13-0058). TELPER V7.0 consists of CTI middleware, IVR, Recording System, Wall Board, OAM(Opertion and Administration), Messenger, Web FAX, BILL, ACS/PDS, MO, ERM, SNS, and CRM. TELPER Solution provides multilingual function in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korea. TELPER ERM supports to contact customers by e-mail, TELPER SNS by SNS such as twitter, facebook, linkedIn and Wechat. TELPER converts recording file into text and interpret dialog sequentially between agent and customer among English, Japanese. Chinese and Korean. TELPER provides Cloud service, scalability to 10,000 agents, unification, mobile function, strong security. TELPER CTI(Computer Telephony Integration) interoperates various PABX(AVAYA, Ericcson, ALCATEL, Samsung Electronics, Erricson LG), TELPER IVR(Interactive Voice Response) supports voice guidance, interchanges Service Scenario at real time and provides GUI scenario editing tool, TELPER REC(Recording system) calculates Peak time and Mute time and evaluates agent’s counseling quality, TELPER CRM(Customer Relationship Management) provides customer information, contact history, FAQ, Calendar and Callback, TELPER SBD(sign board) displays call center status at real time, TELPER FAX transmits and receives fax on web, TELPER IM(Instant Messenger) sends and receives messages or files and supports chatting on 1-to-1 or 1-to-n agents, also TELPER PDS(Predictive Dialing System) provides preview dialing, progressive dialing and predictive dialing, TELPER ACS(Automatic Calling System) facilitates survey.

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