Remote support solutions

Established in 1991, Ahranta has been offering its topquality security and remote support solution for more than 20,000 customers, including public sector offices and general corporations for 24 years. It has been providing security solutions and solutions for remote customer support associating PC & mobile which are increased in the world using the accumulated network-based technology and remote support technology. The company’s remote support solution WiZHelper is designed with very competitive functions, which is expected to reduce maintenance costs and increase customer satisfaction effect through the prompt remote support such as remote customer error support, education using program, inner workings support and maintenance performance. This solution can provide remote screen control, remote file transmission and reception, chatting, guide function, voice transmission, voice chatting and remote device registration.

Remote-support-solutions The customer can use this for various fields of customer support for using the Internet/network such as a telecom company’s supplementary service, e-learning support, and internal support. WiZHelper provides control function optimized for intuitive UI and remote support, so anyone can use it easily and it supports a fast and convenient access environment. Based on outstanding technology and 24 years of know-how, Ahranta will continue to make efforts to be a leading company of mobile remote support and security solutions market of the world. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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