POS (Point-of-Sale) software

ASTEMS Corporation has shared the flow of Korean industries by starting as a franchiser of business, fashion, distribution, food service and service industry in April 2000, and it is a company providing IT solutions and IT services offering total solutions and leads informatization for e-Business. Currently, the company is transforming into a global information service company which provides exact solutions and services for customers through constant new technologies of high-class human resources such as POS and DID and idea creation.

POS-(Point-of-Sale)-software https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry It has been taking the leadership role in the information business encompassing large-size franchises and medium and small-sized stores, providing advanced IT services for store management backed by Web POS System development, ASP Service introduction and E-menu development. It has become a consolidated IT service provider in the field of store information management, backed by POS solution, franchise management system, selfordering system, DID solution, and printer mechanisms that reflect our most superior technological prowess and in-depth know-how that have been accumulated through diverse projects we have been involved with.

POS (point-of-sale) software form the company is utilized on sites where retail sales are made. It allows the company to track customer orders, to process credit cards, and to manage inventories. At-POS Global System is already used by 20,000 stores in Korea, and now our new version is admired by global customers for its diverse functions and awesome stability.

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