POS systems

Since the spin off from Samsung Electronics in Sept., 2002, N&P Technologies has focused on being the leading enterprise specialized in developing and supplying the main and peripheral devices and exclusive solutions related to POS systems. On the background of the experts in the development and marketing of POS H/W and S/W over 20 years in Samsung Electronics, N&P Technologies established the research institute inside the company, which enables NNP Technologies to become much more advanced in technical power and be recognized as the technical leader in the POS market inside and outside the country.

POS-systemshttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry N&P Technologies has recently released the new POS system (SPP-8800A) with public funding from the government research budget. The POS system is a sales management system. It has three types for hardware. There is hardware & software. Firstly, the strong points of the SPP-8800 series are that it is safe, useful and economical, because it is an onboard Intel 1037U board. And next there are the SPP-8830 & SPP- 8870 models. The SPP-8830 is Intel Haswell CPU. The SPP-8870 is fitted with the Coretex-9 for Android O/S. The models has high strong point of a safety camera when the drawer is open.

The maker achieved reduction in costs using the Android o/s which has a strong impact on product costs so that its customers can enjoy better value and we can provide very competitive pricing as well. Also it has reinforced the safety function grafting new technology such as the “active safety camera.”

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