Distributed antenna system

We often experience bad or disconnected communication in high-rise buildings because the antennas of mobile based-stations in big cities are usually customized for roads and below ten-story buildings. FRTek’s DAS (Distributed Antenna System) was developed to solve these problems and is a system in which communication service is provided by transmitting received signals to any place in the building via coaxial cable or optical cables.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Simple, affordable, compact, and extremely easy to setup, FRTek LTE home repeater, featuring 55dB gain, is the ideal solution for extending coverage in small venues for seamless WCDMA and LTE. Autogain functionality enables automatic gain adjustment in order to maximize the unit’s performance while still allowing gain to be set manually if desired. Founded in 2000 with the design, development and manufacturing of mobile communication repeaters, FRTek has grown into an award winning and leading mobile communications system and digital DAS manufacturer for the global carrier and infrastructure marketplace.

Distributed-antenna-system Awarded Korea Telecom’s prestigious supplier of the year award for five consecutive years and a first time winner of the Jan Young-Sil award, FRTek continues to design and develop leading-edge products for its global customers. Leveraging its design and development experience and success with its domestic customers, FRTek is also well positioned for increased growth of its products and services to its international customers. The FRTek Japan and FRTek USA subsidiaries have been established and are ready to serve the APAC and North/South America markets with its advanced product lines.

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