Sound amplifier

AT&C’s sound amplifiers, equipped with a pulsemeasuring feature developed on its own, are the results of its leading technical capabilities, R&D know-how and continued research. With the sound amplifier, clean and clear calls can be enjoyed and clear sounds can be heard in classrooms without any noise. You can easily conduct a comfortable daily conversation with your friends. Immediate perception and response to any types of emergencies are possible even when you’re away from your child. Quiet conversation would become possible for those with impaired or weakest hearing capability. The product distinguishes and filters voices between male and female. The pulse measuring device (PPG) is embedded. For the product, clear sound is realized (hearing protection). Sound balancing between the left and the right is available. It is highly useful as it doubles as a Bluetooth earphone. AT&C strives to provide consumers with sound amplifiers (sound collectors) that meet the market demand via thorough investigation and analysis into diverse consumer desires. To ensure product quality and diversity, it will also create a new market for innovative and out-of-the-box sound amplifiers through continued technology development and thorough market analysis.

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