Automated External Defibrillators

Established in 2005, NANOOM TECH has initially advanced into the medical equipment market with its independently developed X-ray bone density diagnostic machine. Based upon its steady intensive efforts on R&D for higher level solutions, this company succeeded in localization of automated external defibrillators in collaboration with a local advanced institute. Now this company is targeting the American market, together with advanced area of the EU market.

This company’s various kinds of top-quality automated external defibrillators aim to help collapsed emergency patients suffering a heart attack. This device automatically analyzes the irregular rhythm of the patient’s heart and recovers the heart function by administering an electric shock to the patient, if 나눔테크necessary. The company’s automated external defibrillators can be used for both adults and kids. Notably, most of its product models are equipped with a joint-use pad system and safe and convenient battery stem. The reasonable and low maintenance cost can be realized depending on substitution of cartridge and managing style. And they can record 15minutes of surrounding sounds. Now representative models are NT-180, NT-381.C. For such products, France, South Africa, Taiwan, Ireland, Turkey, etc. are the major destinations for the company’s exports.



#57, Cheomdan Venture So-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Korea

Tel:(82-70) 4265-1452      Fax:(82-62) 955-8589



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