Diagnostic X-ray systems

Dongmun is an x-ray system maker. Since its foundation in 1994, the firm has been manufacturing and providing a slew of different x-ray machines based on excellent technology and design. A number of hospitals around the world have recognized the quality that Dongmun’s products can offer. In order to promote people’s health more, it is determined to continue to develop and introduce medical instruments with ever-advancing technology. Various x-ray related items are available.http://korean-machinery.com///inquiry

 Now for Dongmun, three types of diagnostic X-ray-related products – X-ray unit, X-ray collimator, and X-ray grid. Dongmun’s DIG-610 X-ray Unit is a CE-certified and approved product for any human X-ray. It features compact and light. Equipped with high frequency inverter, it ensures versatile use and is suitable for field work. Digital X-ray imaging is available with a compact mobile solution. Dongmun’s X-ray collimator(LB-50) can be used for a wide range of general purposes for radiography and fluoroscopy in combination with all kinds of X-ray tubes. Dongmun’s LB-50 X-ray grid is also highly competitive ensuring features of optimum transmission, ultimate uniformity, customized design (available for shape, size, ratio, and lines), and focal distance.

동문Dongmun Co., Ltd.

8F, V Forum Bldg., 690, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 463-400, Korea

Tel:(82-31) 907-7222   Fax:(82-31) 904-2231

E-mail: jasonkim@dong-mun.co.kr

Website: http://www.dong-mun.net

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