Ultrasonic implant bone surgery device

As an INNO-BIZ company, DMETEC has released a series of innovative medical devices including the nation’s first released models of dental ultrasonic scalar and Gun-type LED curing lighter, etc. With advanced nations’ levels of design and quality, currently, this company exports such flagship items to more than 80 nations including the USA, EU member states, etc. amid fierce competition contributing to the increase of national exports. And of special note, after three years of R &D, DMETEC has developed the nation’s first ultrasonic implant surgery device, which surpasses those of advanced European countries in terms of quality, performance.http://korean-machinery.com///inquiry

This very competitive item can cut through bone by using ultrasonic vibration, and is thus currently widely used for dental implant surgery. This technology makes it safer for dentists to carry out their tasks, shorten the recovery period. Globally, only 10 enterprises have to date succeeded in commercializing such technology. This item is expected to generate added value, boosted by the synergy of the activated implant market. The broader LCD window compared to competitors’ products reflects its consideration of users’ convenience in design. The strong power of the handpiece is also a highly advantageous merit over comparable items.


DMETEC Co., Ltd.

601 ~ 605, #402 Technopark Bldg., 193 ,Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon, Gyunggi-do, Korea

Tel:(82-32) 234 – 0011     Fax:(82-2) 234 – 1444

E-mail: ublee@dmetec.com

Website: http://www.dmetec.com

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