TFT detectors

Rayence’S 1417 WCC/WGC model of detectors are ideal for in-room and portable applications by proving increased efficiency in the X-ray room and beyond. Its durable carbon-fiber, seamless unibody construction, combined with shock, vibration and scratch-resistant features make it well suited for the most demanding imaging environments.

An access point(AP) enables image to be directly sent to a Wi-Fi-connected computer within seconds, and built-in memory storage permits the medical personnel to take image where a computer connection is not available, as well as prevent lost images should there be a power interruption. These are among many features that make the 1417WCC/WGC model the ideal flat panel detector solution for both in-room and portable applications.

레이언스The company’s tethered 1717SCC/SGC model of detectors provide and economical solution that allows the users to experience the benefits of flat panel digital radiography. This detector possesses the thickness of traditional film cassettes, which makes it effortless when it comes to fitting into standard cassette trays. In addition, the size of 17×17 inches provides more flexibility when positioning anatomy and eliminates the need to be rotated to accommodate different views. Efficiency is improved by streamlining workflow through the elimination of the additional steps required when using film or CR.


Rayence Co., Ltd.

14, Samsung 1-ro 1-gil, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Fax:(82-2) 3460-4799



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