Surge Protection Devices


Surge LAB Korea has made constant efforts for the nation’s surge protection & power quality improvement industry since it was established in 2007. Based upon the accumulated experience in these fields, it provides top-quality surge protection devices to its demanding customers in both domestic and overseas markets.

This surge protective device from this company is designed to protect thunderbolt & surge-sensitive electric & electronics equipment from being damaged anytime. The damage-prevention function from great amount of surges is adopted, so it is not exposed to any potential danger of disorder of the body.

1Surge LAB Korea’s best-quality SPD is made by using its patented Gate Control Arrestor (GCA) component and MOV’s technology incorporated in it which reduces the Let-through Voltage of the PRO Surge Protective Device is much lower half than other AC Surge Protective Devices on the market today. The SPD’s features include low voltage protection level (Excellent ability to protect), fast response speed for surge, good durability, easy to install, and epoxy molding structure for heat-resistant, Moisture-proof, Explosion-proof Earthquake-resistant. Yearly growing good response to Surge LAB Korea in the global market is based on its products applied with top-quality technology and design. Such global recognition as UL certification, CE Mark, ISO 9001, ISO14001, etc. fully supports this company to be recognized as one of the global new technology powers in these areas.


Surge LAB Korea Co., Ltd.

6, Gyejoksan-ro 81beon-gil, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, Korea

Tel:(82-42) 256-7200        Fax:(82-42) 256-3200



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