Vacuum hot press for PCB


Fusei Menix’s vacuum hot press is its cutting edge technology that has been recognized for its high quality by many customers. Fusei’s high-quality vacuum hot press is applied to many fields of PCB like rigid PCB, flexible PCB, package substrate, MLB, HDI and special PCB such as metal PCB and ceramic PCB. Many companies in Korea and overseas including SAMSUNG, LG, DAEDUCK, SIMMTECH, YOUNGPOONG, BH, KINSUS, FOXCONN, MEKTRON, MULTEK and SUMITOMO are using FUSEI’s high-quality vacuum hot press and recognizing FUSEI’s superior quality and technologies.

Fusei VHP is standard in domestic market and spreading its wings worldwide. It has certifications like ISO9001, CE Mark, KCS, and other safety and quality certifications, and is in the process of getting ISO14001 and green mark certification. Fusei Menix’s is striving to expand its presence in overseas markets such as China, Japan, other Asian nations, and Russia by continually developing eco-friendly and hi-tech products.

Founded in 1983, Fusei Menix has been engaged in the oil press sector with global technological competitiveness in the semiconductor & PCB equipment field. It passed the national project about technology innovation in 2007, and recognition of technology from the country such as winning of the World-Class Product Award in 2010.

Fusei Menix Co., Ltd.

Ansan Smart Hub B1-81-1, 253-17, wonsi-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Korea Tel:(82-31) 494-9507      Fax:(82-31) 491-0709



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