Governance and compliance solution

[INQ. NO. 1511E14] Offering its own governance and compliance solutions to customers, as a leading provider in Korea of integrated governance technologies, GTONE aims to become a global leader for governance and compliance solutions related applications, metadata, data quality, business rule, and AML. Besides, it strives to maintain high professionalism through intended investments, and puts its every effort into developingh global software in governance and compliance solution areas.

GTONE’s latest and most flagship application governance, “Change Miner,” enables organizations to improve application development and maintenance by delivering an automated knowledge-base for complex applications using multiple languages and technologies.

1It automatically collects and analyzes both source files and database catalogs based on patent technology to identify overall relationships among them in the detailed object level. The user does not need to manually map the relationships or dependencies of his/her applications and databases.

The information gained from the tool is shared through its application knowledge-base, equipped with robust reporting and documentation features. Application team can access the knowledge-base from anywhere via Internet connection and can gain a rapid understanding of how their applications are structured and dependent. It delivers better quality assurance and increases by 30 ~ 75% productivity for S/ W development & maintenance. The current major markets include Japan, China, and Europe. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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