Remote wattmeter

[INQ. NO. 1511E13] ECOSENSE was established in 2005. It is now actively involved in responding to climate changes at home and abroad. It possesses expertise in reducing greenhouse gases emitted by companies and local governments and is taking the lead in complying with the government’s policy of greenhouse gas energy target management. has developed a remote wattmeter that can identify electrical energy consumption and manage carbon emissions in real-time. Now, it also holds devices to monitor gasoline, gas, temperature, and humidity. In 2012, it has also developed a “multi real-time energy/carbon emissions monitoring system” to measure energy and carbon emissions of large-scale buildings, factories, and apartment complexes.

Remote-wattmeterThe company’s wattmeter range is installable without having to shut down the power supply of the entire building, which can save time and reduce construction costs. The device can also be reinstalled upon site relocation. The wireless communication between energy consumption wattmeter and senders can reduce costs by over 50% and save time.

In case of the multi-type wattmeter, it measures threephase 16 points and single-phase 48 points. It was officially recognized as the first of its kind in Korea. The ECOSENSE energy monitoring device, with its easy compatibility and installation, is not only affordable but also guarantees safety of communication. Indonesia is its current best nation; it recently signed an MOU with MOSCADS). Backed by growing popularity in the nation, ECOSENSE further hopes to export its competitive items to Europe, America, and Canada. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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