Encapsulation technology-applied lithiumion batteries

[INQ. NO. 1511E12] Routejade is the first company in the industry to have produced coin-type Lithium Ion batteries commercially (PD) and tiny pouch type batteries (FLPB). Recently, Routejade launched a new line-up for odd shape batteries named as ASDB (Asymmetric Design Batteries) to meet various design requirements from customers. With fully automated production line and advanced technology, Routejade has been recognized as a reputable manufacturer of Lithium Ion batteries.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryRoutejade minimized the possibility of an internal short circuit and concerns of other safety issues with patented Encapsulation technology. Encapsulation technology improved internal alignment of cells, which is the key to the safety and reliability of cells.

Routejade provides higher capacity batteries through constant technological innovation. In some cases, our batteries show higher energy density than competitors’ by about 20%. With this advantage, we can contribute to minimize IT or Wearable devices.

Routejade can manufacture various shapes of batteries (From Coin type to Polygonal shape, D-shape, Donut shape, Curved and thin cells, etc). Routejade’s batteries can be easily and perfectly tailored to fit any shape of devices.

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