Automatic controller for electricity products

[INQ. NO. 1512E19] Jeongmin Electric is an affiliate company of the Jeongmin Electroncis and has assembled and provided electrical & electronic parts, inverters, electric energy control products,electronic circuit Ass’y, controllers, etc.
The company’s Enerzair automatically controls the products using a lot of electricity in an emergency caused by a surge of electricity (electric power). When power consumption exceeds the target wattage in institutions, apartments, factories, etc., it controls automatically the electric products for effective control of electric energy.
Enerzair can be applied to infrared control products such as air conditioners, TVs, hot-air blowers, etc. consuming a lot of electricity.
Through server and app, the real-time monitoring is available on a daily · monthly · yearly basis. This product needs the systems provided by the Korea Electronic Power Corporation (KEPC) or power suppliers. There is no doubt that Enerzair is positively
necessary to reduce power waste and cope with the national energy crisis.
The company is the primary partner of LG Electronics and has exported its products to all over the world such as Turkey, India, Thailand, Europe, etc. through LG Electronics. Jeongmin Electronic’s sales figures have reached approximately 40 billion won and a total of 140 executives and members are working at the global organizations including the affiliated research institute, development & mass production, manufacturing, quality, purchasing, sales, etc.

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