[INQ. NO. 1512E18] WITHSYSTEM has a vision to create new value by developing future-oriented, humancentered technology and be a good business partner by keeping customers in mind.
In pursuit of human-centered management, the
company’s top priority is placed on respect for each
employee’s value and achievements of their goals to
create a new growth engine. Its ceaseless efforts for
research and development, based on passion and taking on challenges, leads to better technology and service. As a best business partner, the company does its utmost to ensure customers’ satisfaction.
The company’s W6 inspector is used for receiving the results of the inspection of parts that takes place in smartphones, tablet PC companies and displayline vendor’s sites. It is also actively adopted for the parts of LCDs, cameras, TSP, wacom, sensors, etc. The W6 inspector’s advantages include supporting the interface to drive the existing mobiles, tablet PCs, etc.; compact size (120*150*60); light weight; free from the burden of connecting several external cables unnecessarily when being used for the production line; prevention of noise caused by skipped cables, and supporting of function of network configuration through wired/wireless LAN connection with the control function.

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