BLDC motor hair dryer

[INQ. NO. 1512E14]Hanil Electronics has been committed to domestic cosmetic home appliances focusing on export since 1978. Its major items include hair dryers, hair irons, electronic shavers, and electronic clippers, etc. It has plenty of experience in the export of branded goods such as (FHI, TAKARA, MOROCCAN OIL, T3..).

4The company’s bldc motor hair dryer (BLDC-V8) is designed safely and is durable with its verified design so that original products problem of the defect rate is 0.05%. It will continue research and develop new products and functions. Hanil Electronics’ BLDC motor hair dryer BLDC-V18 was recently unveiled and expected to be a big hit, leading the companies’ growth of market leadership. The model has three types of buttons – button that controls the temperature (hot/cool), button that controls the wind speed (high/low), button that controls the power (on/ off).
It has an LED temperature indicator, which can show what the wind temperature is. So when the indicator turns RED, it means hot. When it turns blue, it means cool. It provides strong wind power. It uses a button switch, so that its durability is good and it can’t be easily broken unlike a slide switch. With the supported Siroco fan type, it makes a low noise. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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