Indoor and outdoor fl uorescent and LED luminaries

2[INQ. NO. 1512E15] LED Lighting is a leading lighting company located in Incheon, South Korea. and was established in 1999. Its main business is B2G and many products are Indoor and outdoor Fluorescent and LED luminaries. LED Lighting’s core competencies can be summarized as follows: First, it provides a ‘one-stop production system’ from design to delivery of LED luminaires and fl uorescent luminaires which enables an immediate response to any inquiries and the production of customized products. Second, its strong fi nancial status in a refl ection of credit rating BBB+ shows a business’s heathy growth over the years. Finally, its commitment to the best quality is shown in its No.1 position in the Korean Government Procurement Market for LED & fl uorescent luminaries since 2012.
1Its key diff erentiation can be found from competitive prices and a wide range of products benefi ting from in-house production and ‘one-stop production system’, these competitive edges are the outcome of its R&D work such as eco-friendly coating powder, heating releasing technology using C.N.T., automatic dimmable luminaries using existing light switches and glass lens providing an excellent light distributing angle. Its products of both indoor and outdoor luminaries were installed all over the nation and can be found in Seoul Olympic Park, Presidential Archives in Sejong, Kyoongbuk Offi ce, Incheon Airport, and Jeju airport. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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