High performance, high reliability microwave coaxial cable and connector with 50GHz ultra-wideband for aerospace and defense use

Technology overview: Due to improvement in communications and dramatic increase of users, development of communications equipment for super-high frequency (microwave) is needed, and ultra-wideband  has been used in response to the current trend. In addition, high-quality, active and passive parts in communications equipment are required to have ultra-wideband performance. High frequency parts processing, high frequency signal mainly use coaxial cable that is convenient in making ground connection electrically while combining individual module mechanically in order to connect circuit with the outside world. Coaxial cable is also beneficial since signal wire can be easily connected by soldering.


Input/output port of RF (Radio Frequency) communications  equipment consists of a coaxial connector that is convenient for locking. However, when modules are connected or an antenna signal is sent or received through coaxial cable, discontinuity effect occurs due to structural differences between connector and cable, and mismatching in transmission mode is also caused. In addition, property of high frequency transmission is decreased due to parasitic capacitance, which leads to huge restriction in overall performance of super-high frequency and millimeter wave system. In particular, as the length of coaxial cable is extended, insertion loss is also increased, which requires an amplifier with high gain, thereby causing serious problems in power consumption and production cost. Low-loss cable consists of central conductor, dielectric, GND tape, GND braid, and jacket, which is the same composition as general  RF cable,  but it forms air space in dielectric. When dielectric constant of 50 Ohm coaxial cable is reduced, the size of the central conductor can be enlarged, which in turn can dramatically reduce the loss of transmitted signals.

Industrialization: Since manufacturing technology for low-loss cable has been insufficient in Korea, high frequency coaxial cable, connector, and sealing cable assembly have been entirely dependent on foreign countries. GigaLane secured technology, implemented the same performance, and applied to domestic and international fields of aviation, aerospace, and defense. In the aviation field, low-loss sealing cable assembly for aviation use has been supplied to client companies, mounted in trainer aircraft and combat aircraft. In addition, GigaLane’s low loss cable is being applied to the next-generation TICN (Tactical Information Communication Network) in the defense field.

Problem-solving in industrialization: There are only a few companies in the USA and Europe that have developed high-frequency broadband cables and connectors, and materials and technologies have not been known to public. In addition, convergence technology combining RF technology and mechanism engineering has to be implemented since product needs to be developed and manufactured through facilities. Through implementation  of required assignments, supply and demand of materials along with technique and know-how have been accumulated, which has led to the successful development.


Technology developer: GigaLane Co., Ltd. / +82-31-233-7325 / www.gigalane.com

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