Material of transparent electrode for use in flexible display

Technology overview: There is a need for material development for transparent electrodes with high transparency and low resistance that can overcome problems of ITO (Indium Tin Oxide), currently in use for transparent electrodes of display, and can replace it. Research on technology of flexible transparent electrodes has been actively ongoing locally and internationally; however, material for flexible transparent electrode that is as mechanically pliable as flexible element and has properties of metal-level conductivity, excellent light transmittance, high adhesion, high thermal resistance, surface smoothness, and processability has not been developed yet.

Through the technology development, the purpose was to develop high reliability material for transparent electrodes for use in flexible display through obtaining manufacturing technology of metal-based transparent electrode material, oxide transparent electrode material, and hybrid type transparent electrode material. For development of metal-based transparent electrode materials, complex synthesis technique for organic metal, synthesis technique of metal wire, micropattern engraving formation technique, and large-scale roll to roll thin film formation technique were developed. For development of oxide transparent electrode material, oxide sputtering target formation, high-density target manufacturing technique, and oxide thin film formation technique through large-scale sputtering method were developed. In addition, research for development of interface of thin film and base material to improve curvature resistance has been implemented. Furthermore, development of hybrid type transparent electrode material has been proceeded in order to maximize strengths of metal-based materials and oxides.

Industrialization: Currently, the application field of transparent electrodes is mostly focused on the market of flat panel displays. Material used in application is mainly ITO thin film; however, with the development of flexible transparent electrodes, it is expected to replace previously used ITO and create new industry where application of ITO is limited or nearly impossible. If board and electrode installed in the upper and lower parts of LCD and OLED are replaced with transparent electrode, it would become a cash cow in the display industry that is continuously growing. Material for transparent electrodes manufactured through this technology is expected to be applied not only to display field such as LCD, OLED, and FED but also to touch panel, transparent electromagnetic shielding, transparent heating element, electro- conductive glass, gas sensor, heat reflective coating film, solar battery, lighting and automobile, transparent anti-static film, communications antenna, and optical filter. In addition, it is expected to be applied to next-generation flexible display and electronics that have characteristics such as ultra lightness, low power, low cost, portability, and high functionality.

Problem-solving in industrialization: The most important characteristic of transparent electrode material for flexible display is to maintain high transmittance and low resistance while having excellent flexibility. While metal-based transparent electrode has high flexibility, transmittance, and sheet resistance, haze property is insufficient. On the other hand, oxide transparent electrode has excellent haze property while having insufficient flexibility. Therefore, the purpose was to to develop hybrid type, transparent electrode material that maximizes strengths of the two materials and minimizes weaknesses.

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