RF & PLC-type smart grid remote meter reading solutions

Technology overview: Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), which is the key part of a smart grid, is drawing keen attention along with the growing interest in energy, and standards on https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryvarious wired/wireless communications and remote meter reading are being established also. Despite the importance of the technology, however, the domestic market is growing slowly, not effectively responding to the newest technological trends in AMI solutions. More recently, there has been an attempt to incorporate the technology into a variety of industries such as IoT (Internet of Things), smart cities, etc., and thus energy management using a smart grid will play an important role in IoT. Accordingly, reliable AMI solutions need to be secured for success in the global energy IoT industry. Hence, this project has developed a technology of combining key elements of the AMI system communications, which are mainly RF and PLC type communications, and has aimed at development of commercial products with performance similar to that of the world’s advanced technology. The research team has secured the RF solution using the 2.4GHz/900MHz band that even excels the world’s well- known technologies in this area. The frequency range can be easily industrialized, for it is widely used as the ISM band (the industrial, scientific, and medical radio band), and many nations are establishing energy IoT services using the band, creating stable demand for the technology. The research team has secured technologies for large-scale solutions for urban services, even more competitive than the world’s leading technologies, attracting the attention from the overseas market. As for PLC, the team has developed Korea’s first low-speed PLC technology and secured low-speed  PLC remote meter reading solutions that can meet international standards. This achievement has laid the foundation for an energy system that supports both infrastructure and energy management. An energy management system offers features of collecting, managing, and displaying information on integrated remote meter reading as well as generating control signals for electrical load equipment according to demand response. Its design has taken into account expandability in order to provide energy IoT services across all sections of smart grid services in the future.

Untitled-33.jpgIndustrialization: The solution has won the project of establishing the AMI system and installing digital meters for 265,000 houses from Goteborg Energy, Sweden, using the technology for long-term system improvement and maintenance. This, in turn, has led to winning the capital AMI project, especially targeting apartment houses, as part of supplementary services using NURI Telecom’s electrical AMI. The technology was used to establish a wireless communication network providing energy IoT services to the entire city of Goteborg, which has become a well-known case of such industrialization.  The system has proved the company’s outstanding technological competitiveness through continuous advancement & sophistication, and has recently won more contracts from South Africa, Ghana, India, and Iraq through the developed solutions or features with an effective proposal, applying the AMI system to a total of 1 million houses in 17 countries.

Problem-solving in industrialization: At the time of the industrialization, the AMI service using the developed technology was not available in Korea and thus the tests were carried out only in the lab, making it difficult to predict or analyze circumstances that may happen in the field. Localization of the solution was hard as well due to such limitation when a business proposal was submitted or the system was established. Hence, the research team adopted the dual approach for establishment and development, making R&D close to a real-time response and continuously applying performance-improving technologies to the existing site of system installment so as to minimize problems of other sites. More recently, AMI services using various wired/wireless technologies have become available in Korea, which helps the company improve its problem-solving ability. The given solution has completed domestic and foreign performance testing stage for each of RF and PLC.

Technology developer: Nuri Telecom Corp. / +82-2-781-0777 / www.nuritelecom.co.kr

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