Voice synthesizer for blind and dyslexic people and AAC software

Technology overview: Voice synthesis technology is a very important IT technology for the blind and dyslexic people. For the blind people, software called ‘screen reader’ is used, which voice synthesizes text information appearing on the computer screen, https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryand they can hear this world’s information with their ears, and for the dyslexic people, software called AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication: complementary and alternative communication) is used, and when they type as they intend, the intent gets voice synthesized and delivered it to the counterpart. In the domestic market, the screen reader software is widely disseminated, while the AAC software is not. In this context, a voice synthesizer for the blind people, developed through this project, keeps articulation during the fast voice synthesis and can read mathematics formula. In addition, we have developed a voice synthesizer having various tones enabling dyslexic people to choose a specific tone that represents their own characteristics. In particular, we have developed AAC software called ‘mytalkie’ which contains a voice synthesizer having various tones, symbols and a text input method that is reflected by the Korean culture and language properties. Mytalkie ia an alternative and complementary communication device for those having difficulty in articulation and phonation, and as it has VoiceText™ inside, a voice synthesis solution having a range of tones and various symbols appropriate to use environment, they can express their intention via natural voice output and can interact with others.

Industrialization: We produced a voice synthesizer and an AAC software as our R&D outcome from the 1st year to the 4th year of the project, and conducted tests and evaluations based on the outcome, collecting many opinions from the users, continuously making improvements, manufacturing a pilot product using an intermediate outcome, conducting trial releasesfor some special educational institutes, and carrying out evaluations. In addition, we gave presentations at many exhibitions and societies to promote the product. It gained recognition for its productivity from the disabled people, special education instructors and related experts during the exhibitions and promotions, and some disabled people and their guardians actively participated in the trial dissemination, actually using the product. A number of disabled people participated in the trial dissemination as users and commented that they would like to buy one when it is commercialized. Thus, we stabilized the features of the AAC software-mytalkie, commercialized it, and began promotional activities. To sell the AAC software, mytalkie, to the public, it is critical to secure sales channels. It is not easy to promote the product to a few disabled people who want the AAC software, and it is also difficult to secure a sales route. More, disabled people who belong to an alienated group of a society cannot afford the product. Thus, we have joined the IT assistive technology dissemination enterprise of NIA, which is supported by the government. We were consecutively selected as an assistive technology dissemination business operator to disseminate products to disabled people at low prices during 2013~2014, when we were conducting a project, as well as in 2015, when we have completed the project.

Problem-solving in industrialization: The biggest problem facing commercialization was securing a sales network. It was hard for us to promote the product to a few disabled people individually, and they were not willing to buy it as it was expensive software. So, we decided to make use of the IT assistive technology dissemination enterprise for disabled people, of the government, and improved our product so that it could be selected as a product for dissemination to the government institutions, starting from the third year. Due to this, we could join the government’s assistive technology dissemination enterprise, and could find markets.

Technology developer: Voiceware Co., Ltd. / +82-2-3016-8500 / www.voiceware.co.kr


Utilization board 1 horizontal screen   /   Utilization board 2 vertical screen

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