To become the best company in Asia in the cloud data center optimization business

Untitled-36.jpgCEO Young C. Cho

PIOLINK was first founded in 2000 when the domestic network market was
predominated by global large companies. It daringly challenged the advanced and
intellectualized application networking market. In 2006, it released successful web
firewall, which helped it expand its business range to security, and now it has
become the only and the best application and networking security company with
technological power to produce itself H/Ws and S/Ws.

We kindly ask you to introduce your company essentially and generally

PIOLINK is a specialty company in the cloud data center optimization, providing products and services that assure the best application availability, performance and security in the industry. PIOLINK, first established in 2000 when the domestic network market had been predominated by global large companies, daringly challenged the application networking market that was advanced and intellectualized. PIOLINK concentrated its efforts in one of network domains from the early stage of its business, and as a result of consistently investing in R&Ds, different from other companies, it could be able to have competitiveness relatively fast in the industry.
Due to successfully releasing a web firewall in 2006, it could be able to extend its business to security domain, and finally it has become an application-networking security company best in Korea, having technological power for developing H/Ws and S/Ws itself. With this, it was listed in KOSDAQ via IPO in 2013. After then, it aimed at becoming a cloud data center optimization specialty company, extending its business range to developing and manufacturing network/security products, and even to DCIM(Data Center Infrastructure Management) Services and managed security services, providing client-customized solutions.

Please explain us about your company’s core technologies and products

The main products from PIOLINK can be divided into network, security, and service domains. For the network domain, the representative products include Application Delivery Controller, which model names is PAS-K, and SDN Switch (Software-Defined Networking Switch), which model name is TiFLOW. PAS-K is a core product of the data center, which enables sending an application, which a user wants, in a stable and optimized state under the web, mobile or cloud environment. It performs load-balancing, off-loading, acceleration and security to ensure uninterrupted service. Currently, it is a leading product in the market, which occupies a third of the domestic market share. It holds global competitiveness in terms of performance or completeness enough to be included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report as a top ADC vendor in Korea. TiFLOW is a switch, applied by the next generation SDN technology, which focuses on software and is led by users. It is a basic product in building the next generation data center, or SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center), and is attracting much attention. It is possible to quickly and flexibly configure a network, and is good at high performance flow
processing. With regard to security domain, Web Application Firewall, which model name is WEBFRONT-K, and Access Security Switch, which model name is TiFRONT, are the representative products. PIOLINK joined the web application firewall-related R&D project led by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in 2013. It produced good outcome and was awarded the best prize in the commercialization technology area of the ‘this month’s industrial technology award’. WEBFRONT-K protects web services against various hackings, and is responsible for security of a high performance platform for processing application networking, which is the representative technology of PIOLINK. PIOLINK succeeded in commercializing high performance web firewall, and currently is one of the representative brands of the domestic high performance web-firewall market.

TiFRONT, an access security switch, shuts off various harmful traffics generated in a user’s terminal, such as PCs, laptop computers and smart devices, to assure a clean network. It also intercepts the attacks of stealing account data and overhearing calls, and controls accesses to a network to assure a safe inner network. As it enables to easily identify where L2 layer has a failure and its cause, which is hard to manage, it contributes to enhancing a network’s transparency. As per the service domain, PIOLINK runs and manages itself the
IDC (Internet Data Center), at the same time, providing the security managed service. Although many companies separate and manage IDC and security service, PIOLINK does both at the same time, creating synergies to develop a solution for optimizing a data center.

Please tell us about the most impressive outcome of the R&Ds your company conducted

PIOLINK has been developing high performance firewall since 2005, successfully commercializing it in 2006. It advanced Layer7 proxing technology based in its high performance application processing platform, and it released a high performance web security solution. It released a giga-class web-firewall, which had been rarely seen in Korea at the time, and the product was adopted as a security solution of a large website, and due to its performances such as product delivery to three primary telecommunication companies in Korea and to the primary financial world, it has become the representative brand in the high performance webfirewall area. At the time of releasing its product in 2006, the representative security products for a data center were network fire-wall or IPS, and the products from PIOLINK could intercept malicious cyber attacks such as XSS(Cross-site scripting), and could overcome vulnerabilities in the SQL injection, certification and session-management, which had been not possible in the past. By curbing sensitive information leakage such as credit card and bank account data, which is getting increased nowadays, the economic loss of a company can be prevented.

Untitled-38Due to the success of the project, PIOLINK could
expand its business from the existing network domain to the security market, and could grown to a competitive company with good technological power over both network and security domains, solely in Korea.
As each country has different security certification and policies, PIOLINK started exporting its web firewall products somewhat later than other products. Currently, it has penetrated into huge markets such as China and the Southeast Asia, with its sales consistently growing every year.

Please tell us about the future plan and vision of your company

PIOLINK is providing various IT infrastructure products and solutions, including data center operation and security control service, and helping maximize a range of industrial clients’ business, such as telecommunication, finance, public service and enterprise. PIOLINK will concentrate its efforts in providing stable service, high quality service and security, and quick and flexible management, toward a concept of data center optimization’, ultimately seeking for becoming no. 1 specialty company in Asia in the cloud data center optimization area. “Cloud service is essentially growing, and the network environment is also having a new paradigm. The next generation network paradigm is being spread, which focuses on software, including SDN (Software-Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization). PIOLINK will help companies realize business innovation using its various optimized solutions to help the companies easily adapt to such a new shift and correctly make decisions as per value.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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