Hard disk drive shredder (hard breaker)

[https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryINQ. NO. 1604E09] Mose Security was established in 2005 for total document, HDDs & media security systems that provide transport, storage, shredding services, and manufacture of shredding systems such as HDDs shredder and mobile shredding trucks.

It has developed the HDDs shredder to complete physical destruction of traditional magnetic disks such as hard disk drives. Physical destruction is the best way Untitled-11.jpgfor HDD sanitization. This HDDs shredder (Hard Breaker, AX-2) uses a specially designed dual shredding system to produce smaller particles. There is a video system for secure shredding service.

It makes easier for operators to record database of shredded HDDs and records who does the shredding works. It is also very quiet and has a counting system (daily and accumulated counting system).
As you know, loud noise and particulate pollution normally occur while shredding HDDs. Therefore, the Mose Technical Center has developed HDD Shredders (Hard Breaker AX-Series) with low noise design (lower than 65dB) and dust control unit in order to reduce particulate pollution while shredding HDDs. The hard breaker AX-Series are environment-friendly shredders.

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