Internal information security solution

[INQ. NO. 1604E08] Since 1999, MarkAny has led DRM and Watermarking Technology and has been providing solutions for internal security, media content security and forgery prevention for online e-certificates.
MarkAny has in-depth knowledge and technical expertise, and provides the most experienced and highly qualified consultants. MarkAny is highly reputable and possesses important technical references in the proposed security area. It has established around 700 reference sites across every industrial sector, covering the public, financial, manufacturing, communications, and online services in Korea and overseas over the past decade.
MarkAny’s Document SAFER™ is designed to protect classified internal data and sensitive documents in organizations. It prevents internal users from distributing internal information to unauthorized users through floppy discs,CDs, flash drive, e-mail, etc. Unlawful distribution of companies’ valuable knowledge and assets, such as blueprints, financial information, product R&Ddata, patents, new business plans, etc. are linked to direct revenue losses. Document SAFER™ was developed to resolve these problems as an optimal solution with MarkAny’s proprietary technology.
Document SAFER™ utilizes DRM technology to control access to internal documents using Microsoft Office, Open Office, Adobe PDF, Images and Auto CAD drawing applications. Document SAFER™ enables an organization to grant authorized access rights over internal staff according to their levels of security and job responsibility. Every movement or activity (i.e., reading, saving, editing, printing, uploading, and downloading) can be monitored and traced by an administrator.

Document SAFER™
typically integrates with existing enterprise systems, such as ECM, EDMS, ERP, KMS, BPMS, GW, etc. In those business environments, MarkAny provides the enterprise solution vendors with flexible and standard interfaces. Document SAFER™ can be employed and used by manufacturing corporations, government agencies, law firms, financial institutions, high-tech laboratories, new start-up ventures, and various other industries.

Moreover, MarkAny recently released automatic contents recognition (ACR) solution planned to be marketed with the name of “MediaPlus.”This latest solution recognizes and identifies various broadcasting media contents from TV, radio, etc. and then supplies many value-added information to users.
A spokesperson said “We now expect ACR technology could facilitate the connection of various information based on broadcasting media and web. So, in the near future, users can perform such social commerce as confirmation of restaurant-related information on air, or download of coupons while watching a TV drama.”And an AD service which is linked to PPL in drama will also probably be soon available. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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